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Compare Amigo Loans to UK Credit

Like Amigo Loans, UK Credit offers guarantor loans.

We understand that not everyone is able to borrow from high street lenders, either due to a poor credit history or other factors.

Having the support of a guarantor, who is a homeowner, means we’re able to lend to those with a less than perfect credit history, at a lower rate of interest than some of our competitors.

UK Credit vs Amigo Loans

UK Credit have rates ranging between 24.9% and 39.9% APR (fixed). Amigo Loans have an APR of 49.9% (variable)*.

To see how a loan with UK Credit might compare to an Amigo Loan, please see the example below. Please note this is for illustrative purposes only and is not a guaranteed offer:

If you borrowed £6,500 over 4 years with a homeowner as your guarantor

UK CreditAmigo Loans
Loan term£6,500Loan term£6,500
Loan term4 yearsLoan term4 years
Interest rate30.31%(fixed)Interest rate49.9%(variable)
Monthly repayment£235.22Monthly repayment£278.04
Total amount payable£11,290.56Total amount payable£13,345.92
That's a difference of £2,055.36!

So, if you’ve decided that a UK Credit guarantor loan may be a good option for you, simply click the ‘Apply here’ button on this page to begin your online application.

*Loan amounts and rates correct at time of writing (August 2021).

Why choose UK Credit?

We’re an FCA authorised and regulated lender. We follow the FLA (Finance and Leasing Association) lending code of practice – treating our customers fairly and individually is our top priority.

We conduct a clear and thorough affordability assessment, with both parties, during the application process. This ensures that the repayments are affordable to both borrower and guarantor, before we agree to the loan. Our aim is to make sure repaying our loan is a smooth and easy process.

We’re experienced

UK Credit are part of the Norfolk Capital Group, a privately owned firm with over 30 years’ experience in consumer credit. Its sister companies cover a wide range of financial products from secured and unsecured finance to mortgages, both in the high street and sub-prime markets.

We like to think our collective experience in the business means we’re experts at looking after our customers and giving them the best possible opportunities, regardless of financial history.

What can I borrow for?

Many of our customers look to borrow from us to consolidate their existing credit, to help improve their financial situation. Our loans are also popular for vital purchases such as vehicles or for home improvements.

How much can I borrow?

UK Credit offers loans from £3,000 to £15,000. By way of comparison, Amigo Loans currently offers a maximum loan of £10,000.

Interest rates

UK Credit’s rates are fixed. This means your monthly payment will not change throughout the term of the loan. Amigo Loans offer a variable rate of interest, which can change during the term of the loan.