What is the process?


Becoming a guarantor is a simple process, but one we want you to feel comfortable with.

Once you have agreed to be a guarantor, both you and the applicant will need to fill in a simple online form. We’ll check the forms and if we need any additional information, we will give you a call. We might need some supporting documents, but we’ll let you know during the call.

If we’re satisfied that both yourself and the applicant will be able to keep up with repayments and the loan is approved, we’ll phone you one last time to run through some affordability checks. When everything’s in order and the loan is approved, we’ll transfer the funds to you. As the guarantor, you are then free to send the money to applicant.

Apply for a loan online and sign formsBoth the applicant and guarantor submit a signed online loan application. You can still cancel the agreement up until 14 days after the loan has been paid out
We’ll give you a callThere may be some additional information we need from you following our checks. We’ll arrange to speak to you about this at a time that’s convenient
Send additional informationIf there’s any more documentation needed to support the application, we’ll let you know so you can send it over to us
Final checksWe’ll call you and the applicant to check the affordability of the loan before we approve it
Money is transferredThe loan money is transferred into your bank account to then pass on to the borrower