Borrowing from us

UK Credit is one of the country’s most trusted lenders of Guarantor loans. We provide affordable, flexible unsecured Guarantor loans to those who may not be able to borrow from high-street banks.

We understand that people who have hit a bump in their finances and have a less than perfect credit history need access to credit too and with it, a chance to rebuild their credit score. That’s why UK Credit offer Guarantor Loans.

As the Borrower, you don’t need to be a homeowner but you’ll need to find a Guarantor who is a homeowner to apply for a loan from UK Credit. This is someone who agrees to make the loan repayments if you don’t. Your Guarantor will need to have a fair to good credit history of their own.

Before approving any loan, we carry out a series of automated checks to ensure both you and your Guarantor meet our eligibility requirements. After this, we may need to collect some documents from you and we’ll also require you to give us access to your bank statements through Open Banking to help us understand your financial situation. Then one of our underwriting team will give you and your Guarantor a call, to assess the affordability of the loan. If this all checks out and you want to proceed, sign the agreement, and we’ll transfer the money to your Guarantor’s bank account. They should then transfer the funds to you.

Our loans range from £3,000 to £15,000, with rates from 24.9% to 39.9%, and repayment terms of 36-60 months. Loan details and repayments are accessible 24/7 through our secure online portal.

Our customers borrow from us for a variety of reasons: to consolidate debt, fund home improvements, for vehicle purchases and maintenance as well as to pay for weddings.

Find out more about Guarantor loans, eligibility and how a Guarantor loan application works on the pages below: