What is a guarantor loan?


A guarantor loan is a personal loan for people who need a little financial help but are unable to get what they need from high-street banks. Guarantor loans are far cheaper than payday loans and are often the cheapest alternative for people with low credit scores. Our loans are used for a whole host of reasons including consolidating debt, home improvements, vehicle purchases and repairs as well as weddings and holidays.

The good thing is we don’t get hung up on bad credit – the most important thing to us is whether our loans are affordable and that a guarantor is in place to support an application. See it as an old-fashioned way of borrowing money with the trust of a helping hand.

We don’t charge any upfront fees and only provide loans if we think they are affordable for both the applicant and the guarantor. Our loans are unsecured too, which simply means that your home will not be at risk.