Guarantor wedding loans

Some of our customers use a UK Credit Guarantor Loan to fund their wedding.

What is a wedding loan?

A wedding loan is a type of personal loan, designed to fund a wedding for those who find there is a gap between their budget and current savings. Some couples may require funds to cover all the costs, while others have saved enough for the majority of their plans, but just need more to allow them to book their chosen venue.

Many lenders will require a strong credit rating from Borrowers. Some Borrowers might have run into financial difficulties in the past, which could prevent them from being eligible. Guarantor loans offer an alternative borrowing option for those who may not be accepted based on their credit history.

What is a Guarantor wedding loan?

An all homeowner Guarantor wedding loan is an unsecured loan that is ‘guaranteed’ by another person – the Guarantor. Unlike personal loans, there is not the need to have a strong credit rating to apply. UK Credit can offer competitive interest rates because we only accept applications where both the Borrower and the Guarantor are homeowners. Our loans range from 19.9% APR.

A Guarantor is often a friend or family member. They must be aged between 25 at the start of the loan and 70 at the end of the loan term. They must be willing and able to cover repayments if the Borrower does not and will need to have a reasonable credit rating of their own whilst owning their own home.

What can you use a wedding loan for?

A Guarantor loan can be used for any purpose related to weddings, from the ring to the venue.
Clicking the ‘Apply Here’ button will bring up the loan calculator. You can use this to adjust the loan amount and term to calculate your monthly repayments