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How to Afford Festival Season

Written by Heather Maude // Posted on // Found in EasyLife, GlamourLife

Summer is all about spending time with your friends, and that may well mean a festival. A Great British staple, there’s nothing better than a few days in a field with mates, music, and maybe a drink or two. The only problem? Festivals aren’t cheap. Read on for our top tips to keep it thrifty at festivals:

Day vs Weekend
When you think festival, your mind may go straight to the weekends. Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Coachella… But there are loads of great one day options as well as day tickets for many weekend festivals. Not only will you get to sleep in your own bed (!), you’ll spend a fraction of the cost. You can treat yourself to a good meal before you go to save yourself being lured in by the food vendors.

Work for your ticket
There’s lots of ways to swerve the hefty ticket cost altogether. Organisations such as Oxfam provide thousands of volunteers to festivals across the country every summer. You’ll need to do is attend a training session and pay a deposit and you’re good to go. Work three eight-hour shifts through the festival (if you can find someone happy to, you can swap shifts so you don’t miss your favourite act) and the rest of the time is your own. The work will vary depending on the festival, you’ll be staying in the (usually a lot nicer) staff camping – there’s even free hot drinks! You’ll get your deposit back provided you attend all your shifts. Simple!

Bring supplies
Food on site will usually cost around £10 per meal. Spread over a four-day festival? That’s soon adding up. Double check before you travel, but it’s normally fine to bring your own food into the arena as well as the campsite. Consider what will keep best in a tent – loaf of bread, crisps, cereal bars, apples and peanut butter are all good options. Treat yourself to one ‘proper’ meal a day from one of the vendors and make-your-own budget pack lunches the rest of the time. When you wake up starving, you’ll be so grateful for those cereal bars.
Most festivals operate a no-glass rule though, so bear that in mind.

Lift share
Split the petrol and split the cost. If there’s two of you going, you’ll certainly be able to squeeze another couple of mates into the back of your car. It mightn’t be the comfiest journey as you’ll all have tents and bags as a minimum, but it’s all part of the adventure…!

Written by Heather Maude // Posted on // Found in EasyLife, GlamourLife


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