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Surviving Dry January

Written by Heather Maude // Posted on // Found in EasyLife, TopicalLife

After the calorific overload of booze and food over Christmas, it’s no wonder so many of us pledge to go the entire 31 days of January without a drop of booze. Going sober for a whole month isn’t easy, so if you’re worried you’ll cave after a particularly hard day or don’t think your willpower will survive a social gathering in the pub, here are some tips that might just help you make it through.

Try non-alcoholic versions
The obvious choice when choosing to go sober is to opt for a non-alcoholic version of your usual tipple. Drinks such as Becks Blue or Alcohol-Free Kopparberg are popular due to the fact that they taste scarily similar to their alcoholic counterparts. As a bonus, they’re much cheaper too!

Discover new drinks
Being sober isn’t as black and white as alcohol or water, there are thousands of other options out there. Spend the month trying out new drinks like flavoured teas, ‘posh pop’ such as Fentimans or even just embracing different fruit juices. You never know you might discover a new favourite!

Change your Glasses
Just as ex-smokers find vaping enough to curb their cigarette cravings, choosing a glass usually associated with alcohol can actually trick your brain. Try sipping your grape juice from a wine glass or flavoured tonic water from a gin glass and you’ll soon see what we mean.

Avoid the pub
If your willpower isn’t that strong, or you’re worried your friends might encourage you to cave then it’s usually best to avoid these situations altogether. If your friend suggests a catch up in the pub, try suggesting you meet for coffee instead to avoid the temptation.

Embrace the mint
We’re all familiar with that feeling of drinking anything right after we brush our teeth, the vile mix of mint and orange juice is enough to put anyone off. Thanks to its ability to mess with your taste buds, chewing on gum or mint when you’re tempted to drink should be enough to convince you to stick to water! As a bonus, you’ll always have fresh breath!

Treat yourself
It’s no myth most people use alcohol as a stress reliever, and after a long hard day at work, it can be very tempting to have a glass of wine to unwind. Why not embrace some other forms of stress relief, such as a nice hot bath, a cosy cup of hot chocolate or perhaps even a cheeky takeaway.

Make plans
If you absolutely cannot avoid a social situation that usually revolves around alcohol, planning an event the morning after might just be enough motivation to go it sober. Whether it’s a 5km run with a friend or perhaps a playdate with the kids. Just make sure it’s something you can’t wiggle your way out of!

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For more advice and tips visit the official Dry January website.

Are you taking part in Dry January this year? If you’ve got any tips for making it through the month we’d love to hear them in the comments.

Written by Heather Maude // Posted on // Found in EasyLife, TopicalLife

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