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Could You Save Hundreds of Pounds by Bringing Your Lunch to Work?

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in FoodieLife

If you like to treat yourself to a lunch time salad or takeaway coffee you may not realise that you’re accumulatively spending thousands of pounds over the course of a working year. On average, Brits who buy their lunches at work spend £1,840 a year – that’s plenty of money that could be saved.

Takeaway coffee

The average cost of a latte from a well-known coffee shop is around £2.45. If you do this three times a week over the 46 working week year, that’s at least £338 spent on coffee alone. However, with a little smart planning, let’s look at how much you can save.

If you’re going to recreate the takeaway coffee concept, you’ll need to get yourself a decent travel mug. Coffee gurus Bodum have this number for £21 that doubles up as a loose-leaf tea maker if that is more your thing. Coffee from freshly ground beans is certainly going to help curb your coffee shop woes. To ease things, treat yourself to something a little fancy such as Taylors Colombia Ground Coffee (hints of chocolate caramel, yum!). Costing £4.25 with 15 servings that’s 0.28p a serving – let’s round up to 0.58p with milk and water.

Time for the maths…
0.58p x 3 (times a week) x 46 (weeks the year) + £21 for travel mug = £101.04
Money saved: £237.06

What about lunches?

After a quick office survey, we’ve found the most popular lunches to buy out are soup and a roll, jacket potato and beans, and a BLT sandwich. Prices of course vary depending on where you plan to have lunch on any particular day. Based on local café prices, soup tends to cost around £3, a jacket potato £4.50 and a BLT around £3.50. On this basis, you could be spending between £400 – £600 a year just on lunch!

Let’s see where you could be making savings on your lunch choices by preparing them at home:

Soup and a roll…
The nations favourite soup is tomato and we’ve found a lovely little recipe which serves 6 and costs £2.38. Add 65p for a pack of 6 rolls for two weeks’ worth of lunches and you get to a bargain 0.49p per serving.

Time for the maths…
49p x 3 (times a week) x 46 (weeks in the year) = £67.62

Money saved: £350.52

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Jacket potato and beans…
As one of the easiest and most filling lunches that can be made in the work microwave, jacket potatoes are a popular choice for many UK offices and the fact that they can last for weeks is a bonus when it comes to preparation. Local cafés charge around £4.50 for this treat so we’ve looked at how much we can save if we bring in our own from home.

Ten baking potatoes cost £2 a pack – that’s 20p each. Supermarket brand baked beans cost on average 0.24p a tin – each tin has two servings at a bargain price of 12p. Even if you’re pushing the boat out and going for branded goodness, it’s still a very affordable option. That means your lunch could cost you a mere 14p!

Time for the maths
0.32p x 3 (times a week) x 46 (weeks in the year) = £46.96

Money saved: £574.04

BLT sandwich…

A hearty sandwich that can be made the night before will not only save you money but will also give you precious time to carry on snoozing. £3.50 for a sandwich which has been sat on shelf for however long isn’t going to bring you much joy, but what if we showed you how to do it on the cheap?

Let’s start with the bread – at £1.10 a loaf with 16 slices (we’ve not included the end slices) is around 0.13p for the base of your sarnie. Bacon works out at 0.20p, lettuce 4p, tomato 6p and mayonnaise 3p (if we’re being specific). In total, if you were to make your BLT at home, it would cost 0.46p per sandwich.

Time for the maths
0.46p x 3 (times a week) x 46 (weeks in the year) = £62.10

Money saved: £420.9

What about snacks?

Chocolate from a vending machine costs around 60p on average. However, an eight pack of supermarket own brand bars cost just 14p each. Likewise crisps from a local store or vending machine cost 80p for an individual bag, whereas a multi-pack of six will set you back just 25p a pack. On a yearly basis, the vending machine could be costing you £193! Let’s see what you can save bringing your snacks in from home.

Time for the maths
0.39p x 3 (times a week) x 46 (weeks in the year) = £53.82
Money saved: £139.18

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in FoodieLife

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