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Secret superfoods you didn’t know were in your weekly shop

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in FoodieLife

When we think of superfoods we think of those hard to find ingredients which require a venture into a health food shop to source. We certainly don’t think of the fruit and veg we usually buy in our weekly shop.

The news that the humble cauliflower has been named a superfood had us intrigued to see what other secret superfoods may be hiding in our kitchen cupboards.

Yes, that’s right, the unassuming white, fluffy, vegetable that you heap mountains of cheese on top of has been found to come packed with health benefits (please note, it will not be a superfood if you continue to heap cheese on top of it!)

Not only does cauliflower contain nearly zero grams of fat to help with weight loss, one serving has 73% of the daily recommended Vitamin C allowance, it keeps your brain healthy, reduces the risk of cancer and it’s cheap as chips! Proving that disease-fighting foods full to the brim with nutrients don’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

Tomatoes, blueberries, broccoli, oranges and apples have also been proven to offer fantastic health benefits. Your everyday toms prevent heart disease while oranges are packed with immune boosting vitamin C. Apples have a number of disease fighting antioxidants and may help against the onset of Alzheimer’s while blueberries combat high blood pressure and are packed with fibre to help with digestion.

Botanist and science geek, James Wong, has recently released a book showing how we can turn our everyday ingredients into ‘superfoods’ meaning you can save even more on your weekly shop!

  • Simple tricks can change the chemical composition of food and encourage them to produce even more of the good stuff increasing their nutritional value:
  • Tomatoes – Leave to ripen at room temperature to increase antioxidant levels.
  • Potatoes – Choose a smaller variety of potato, there’ll more fibre rich skin to enjoy.
  • Sprouts – steam your sprouts to retain their cancer-fighting qualities.
  • Apples – Pick the Braeburn variety of apple over any others, they contain the highest amount of antioxidants.
  • Kale – this well-known superfood gets even healthier when microwaved.
  • Spinach – Cooking your spinach releases three times the amount of vitamin A.
  • Coffee – filtering your coffee is the best way to extract all the heart-healthy nutrients.

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in FoodieLife

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