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5 fab overnight beauty hacks which won’t break the bank

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in GlamourLife

March is officially National Bed Month, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love a little more time in bed each day? The only problem is an extra ten minutes in bed can be the difference between beautifully styled hair and serious bed head.

To get the most out your time in bed here are some great beauty hacks that work overnight and won’t break the bank. As an added morning win, these hacks will allow you to enjoy some extra time in the land of nod and still look glamorous when you arrive at the office – every little helps!

Feet Treatment


Feet are a touchy subject, but with summer looming, sandal season will be in full swing before we know it.  A professional pedicure can be costly and time-consuming, but this quick DIY treatment softens your feet overnight.

It’s so simple, just take a long, relaxing bath and give your feet a good scrub with a pumice stone. Once out of the tub, take a thick moisturiser and massage all over your feet then put on some soft cotton socks before it sinks in.

Once you wake up, you’ll be able to wear your favourite flip-flops with pride!

Coconut Oil Hair Mask


Coconut oil is definitely having a moment right now. Not only is it a superfood, but it’s a versatile beauty product too. One of the best ways to use coconut oil is an overnight hair mask – it literally feeds goodness into your tresses.

This oil takes a solid form when cool and looks almost like lard, so it’s best to warm it the microwave for ten seconds to make it a more manageable consistency. Then you simply smother it all over your hair, making sure to concentrate on the ends and any areas that are particularly dry. Pop a shower cap on or use a towel to protect your pillowcases and drift off in a blissful sleep. After washing this off in the morning, but you will have glossy locks for days.

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What’s more, a big jar of this wonder oil is usually around £10 a pop, so you can save money on expensive intensive conditioners.

Tingle Away A Pimple


As teenagers, most of us were plagued by the occasional dreaded spot outbreak, but it seemed nobody warned us that they can still appear way into adulthood. Always rearing their ugly little (and sometimes big!) heads before a big event or important presentation at work, they really do like to rub us up the wrong way.

Most people have heard about putting toothpaste on a pimple overnight, but it’s not designed to be used as a beauty product and can be harsh on sensitive skin on the face. A dab of tea tree oil on the affected area before bed will dry out the spot and bring down redness, without any side effects. No more embarrassing facial mountains!

Beachey Waves


Plaiting your hair pre-bedtime is a classic and super-easy way to get beautiful waves. Just spray some salt spray or a texturising product in your hair and braid away! Release your locks in the morning and comb through with your fingers.

There are so many versions of the plait – each one will create a slightly different finish. Some are easier than others to perfect, but luckily Youtube is full of step by step tutorials. Here’s a great one.

A great alternative is popping your hair in a twisted bun and letting your hair down in the morning, giving more defined curls. Once you find a method that works for you, it will become a weekly staple when you want a lie-in Wednesday morning!

Avocado and Egg Night Cream


It’s certainly common knowledge that a good night cream can help prevent ageing, unfortunately, they often cost in excess of £100’s.

This super moisturising treatment contains just two ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, so you don’t have to splash out.

Peel and mash an avocado until lump-free, then place into a blender with one egg. Blend until completely smooth. Pop this cream on your face twice a week. This DIY blend is full of vitamins and minerals that while making your skin glow!

All of these treatments will make sure you look and feel just fresher in the morning, but nothing beats a full 8 hours kip every night to give you that beautiful glow. If only there was enough hours in the day and less interesting things to watch on Netflix!

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in GlamourLife


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