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How to Dress like Killing Eve’s Villanelle, without the Killer Price Tag

Written by Heather Maude // Posted on // Found in GlamourLife

TV’s most stylish assassin, Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) has recently celebrated her return to the screen with more pink, dramatic layering and unpredictably beautiful outfits than ever before.

Season two has welcomed the addition of black tailored suits, oversized jumpers and shirts, and pyjamas as daywear. Where fashion is concerned, there are no rules. Probably most famous for teaming strikingly shaped pastel dresses with army-style boots, if anyone can pull off these strong looks, Villanelle can.

The only technical hitch – other than have a dubious choice in career prospects – is that she’s not particularly great with her purse strings. Known for her spending sprees and with a wardrobe packed with impulse purchases, it’s no secret that Villanelle has expensive taste.

However, if your wardrobe budget isn’t financed by a career in casual assassin duties, there are other ways to achieve Villanelle’s high-fashion look, without having to endure a killer price tag.

Colourful Charity Shops

Villanelle isn’t shy when it comes to bold colours. If you don’t have a large budget for vibrant designer cuts, what’s the next best thing we hear you ask? Charity shops are a treasure trove for past season gems and vintage numbers. These days, many charity shops order their stock by colour, giving you an even greater chance of identifying this season’s shades with ease.

‘Living Coral’ was crowned Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year, so prepare to see even more pink and orange hues hitting the high street this summer and early autumn.

Car Boot Bohemian

Villanelle successfully embodies the urban ‘Bohemian Princess’ look. Quirky alternative vibes such as this can often be found within the dangerously tempting atmosphere of any local car boot sale.

When rummaging through house clearance stalls and treasures from others’ lofts, keep your eyes peeled for the bright orange shades, which are reflective of pieces sent down the runway at fashion shows earlier this year.

Recreate her look with an oversized orange knit in a variety of hues and pair with some tortoiseshell thick-rimmed glasses.

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Vintage Patterns

Head down to your nearest vintage shops or kil sale, such as Judy’s Vintage Fair to find some one-of-a-kind traffic-stopping dresses that Villanelle would envy. Look out for lace-trimmed dresses in pastel colours and large long balloon skirts. You’re guaranteed to find some unique and beautiful patterns with signature 1970s detail from any vintage sale.

Death by Knitting

Even psychopaths occasionally need a comfy choice of clothes to snuggle into in front of Netflix. In season two, Villanelle can be seen in various oversized fluffy knitwear.

Now might be the time to learn how to knit – there’s plenty of time to start this summer in time for the autumn! Combat any unpredictable rainy summer days by seeking out some comfy layers in tomato red paired with “Mom” jeans or white cropped jeans.

High Street Alternatives

It seems safe to say that Villanelle finds inspiration for a lot of her dramatic taste in fashion on the catwalk. Luckily, all the high street stores do too! So if there is a particular outfit you’ve been admiring, there’s a strong chance it’s on the high-street for several hundred pounds less.

In the new season’s trailer, Villanelle wears a baby pink shirt, tied at the waist, teamed with a salmon-hued skirt. Copy Villanelle and accessorises this look with a pair of statement oversized gold earrings.


Clothes Swaps

Hosting a ‘clothes swap’ evening is a great idea to save yourself a buck and find some beautiful options at a low cost. Simply email all your friends, asking them to bring unwanted clothes and a bottle of wine to your house, and between you, swap items you’re happy to trade.

In particular, tell your tribe to focus on bringing over unwanted PJ tops. Wearing pyjamas as daywear has long been seen on the runway, and worn by A-listers including Rihanna. Channel your inner Villanelle with a light stain pyjama top and jeans, that will take you from day to night.

Dial up the Swag

Most importantly, Villanelle’s ‘look’ is largely down to her attitude. It’s important to wear what you wear with confidence and sass. In season two, one of the most striking looks is Villanelle’s black tailored suit teamed with a button-up white shirt and black tie. Power suits were a popular choice on the autumn/winter 2019 runway. Resurrect a suit from your wardrobe and team it with a pair of trainers or colourful stilettos to put a modern twist on this “Le Smoking” inspired look.

Written by Heather Maude // Posted on // Found in GlamourLife

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