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2017 Hot Shots

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in HomeLife

2017 has a lot to live up to. Although 2016 had its moments, there were plenty of great things to take out of it too.

The first ever British citizen walked in space, Leicester City won the hearts of sports fans across the world with their fairy-tale journey in winning the Premier League, we bottle flipped, dabbed (too much), caught Pokémon and even mannequin challenged our way through plenty of viral crazes. With this in mind, here are some of the hottest things that are coming our way in the New Year.

And off you Amazon Go

There will be no more unexpected items in the bagging area with Amazon’s new checkout-free shopping experience, Amazon Go. Currently only available in the USA, the “just walk out store” means you’ll never have to queue or reach for any form of payment. Using the Amazon Go app, shoppers can simply pop into participating stores (with their smartphones), pick up the goods and products they want, walk out and leave. The total amount is then billed directly to that person’s Amazon account. Genius.

Time to wing it

After two years in the making, 2017 looks as though it is going to be the year we receive deliveries by drone. Google announced Project Wing in 2015 and Amazon has also been given permission by the government to run drone delivery tests for its Prime Air service in UK airspace. Door drop is being taken to a whole new level.


It’s all about Snap Inc.

Overtaking Twitter with 150 million daily users, Snapchat has become one of the most popular social networks in the world and a major champion of 2016. The ephemeral message app is predicted to see its parent company Snap Inc. sky rocket in 2017 with the company currently valued at a whopping $25 billion. With its popular format being replicated by other high profile social networks alongside the release of Snapchat Spectacles, we’re expecting big things.

Reality check

Double booked yourself to see your favourite band or had to cancel going to the big game? Fear not, you’ll no longer get FOMO with the latest virtual reality technology which can transport you to live events through spectacular immersive, visual experiences. 2017 will see the world of virtual reality expand outside of gaming and into real life events. The Philharmonia Orchestra were one of the first music groups to try out the new technology, providing headsets for viewers to experience a 360° 3D video and audio performance which also included backstage goings on at the Royal Festival Hall. Samsung Mobile have also jumped on board with their latest advert showing how you can relive memories using their Gear VR and Gear 360 camera.


Put it on the plastic

Hot off the (polymer plastic) press is the brand new £10 note which will be put into circulation in the summer. We can expect it to be longer lasting and harder to forge as the flexible plastic introduces a number of new security features, as well as being better for the environment. Following on from the new fiver, the new ten pound note will also be smaller in size and feature author Jane Austen after a high-profile campaign succeeded in protesting against plans to not feature any notable women on the new bank notes.

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in HomeLife

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