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7 amazing and affordable gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in GlamourLife, HomeLife

Mothers are very, very important, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner once more it’s ever so important to show your love and appreciation. After all, your mum played a pretty important part in giving you the life that you live today – let’s face it, you kind of owe her, really.

If you can’t figure out what to get your mum this Sunday, let alone how to do it within budget, fear not – these gift ideas are bonafide, Mothering Sunday wins. And importantly, they are gift suggestions which go beyond the usual smellies/bottle of wine/scented candle recommendations – gifts which are undoubtedly lovely, but undoubtedly a bit tired.

It’s all about the flowers


Flowers are the loving bread-and-butter gift which we should always buy for Mother’s Day. Life is all about the small and yet super important things, and by getting your mum a bunch of flowers you’ll undoubtedly touch the heart-strings of the lady who brought you kicking and screaming into this world.

A lovely, affordable bunch of flowers can be picked up at little cost from a local florist, the market, or even Tesco – there’s no excuse not to, in other words. As a tip, try to find out what her favourite flowers are if you don’t know already.

How about a spot of afternoon tea and cake, darling?


Afternoon tea has a bit of a posh, elitist image, but in truth it’s nothing more than a really nice thing to do once in a while. That is, so long as you enjoy a cup of tea and some scrummy cake, which nearly all of us do.

Importantly, afternoon tea at one of Britain’s countless many tea rooms, or even a period featured drawing room somewhere can be pretty affordable too. That’s so long as you avoid the gilded luxury of somewhere ridiculous, like The Ritz, Claridge’s, or the Savoy, anyway – you’ll pay through your nose for the experience, lovely as it no doubt is.

Pander to her hobbies


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An obvious one, and the key to great gift giving in general. Whatever your mum’s hobbies, interests or fancies might be, it’s a guaranteed win if you can get her a present which ties in with them.

Is your mum a green-fingered whizz when it comes to gardening? Why not pick up some plants, seeds, or winning shrubbery from the nearby garden centre. Or instead, is she a culinary kitchen genius? If so, why not pick a gift that will help her take her kitchen grand mastery to the next level. Maybe she’s all about the health and fitness, or now that you’ve flown the nest, she’s indulging her wanderlust and ticking off all those destinations around the world she always wanted to visit – in this case, a travel book would be ideal.

The gift options are endless, and the end result will be a Mother’s Day present which is tailored to her.

Bake a cake


The picture speaks a thousand words. Whether it’s a Victoria sponge or a chocolate gateaux, cheese cake or carrot cake, there are great recipes online like this to help you bake a cake fit for Mother’s Day.

Just try not to eat it…

Appeal to the feels


A bit like with the flowers suggestion, it is always a brilliant idea to go for the heart-strings when buying a Mother’s Day present. We are all sentimental creatures to varying degrees, and our mums tend to be more sentimental than most – take this into account when you’re buying Mother’s Day presents.

Fantastic gift suggestions which positively cry love and feelings might be a digital photo frame, with any number of precious, favourite photos of your mum pre-loaded onto it. This, or perhaps a customised 2016 calendar sentimental family-favourite photos for each month of the year.

As always, the only obstacle to tear-jerker Mother’s Day gifts is your imagination.

A trip to the theatre


Some people pinch their nose at the thought of a trip to the theatre, due to the (mistaken) idea that it’s silly and expensive. Well it isn’t – there’s nothing which can make the hairs rise at the back of your neck like a good theatre show, or laugh until you can’t breathe at a good comedy gig. And importantly, it won’t be too expensive either.

Why not book tickets for you and your mum?

Spa day, anyone?


Your mum brought you into this world. She raised you, fed you, took you to school, cleaned up and put plasters on your grazed knee when you fell, lent money to you when you were young and rubbish with money, and loved you when you were being a royal teenage pain. She was there to console you when you broke up with that horrible ex you really regret, and who she knew was bad news in the first place (and yet never uttered a word). With all this in mind, why not give her the gift of relaxation with a much needed spa day?

There are any number of Mother’s Day vouchers and deals out there, meaning that a massage, facial, yoga and all manner of well-being treats won’t break the bank.

DO get your mum a Mother’s Day gift. No excuses

More often than not our mums will say to us not “not to worry about Mother’s Day, it doesn’t matter.” Well don’t listen to her, it’s a trick. A Mother’s Day gift can cost next to nothing, and the simple love you’ll demonstrate by giving an affordable, thoughtful gift will mean the world to your mum.

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in GlamourLife, HomeLife

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