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Keep Warm this Winter (without turning up the heat)

Written by Heather Maude // Posted on // Found in EasyLife, HomeLife

Did you know that turning your heating up by only 1 degree can increase the cost of your energy bill by up to 10% a year? While summer may be a distant memory, many of us try and avoid touching the thermostat for as long as possible in a bid to avoid the extra costs. Whilst we know we can’t hold out forever, we’ve rounded up a few ways to keep your home a bit warmer without turning up the heat.

Cover the cracks
Cold air can creep into your home in any way it can, even though the smallest of gaps in your floorboards, windows and even around your plug sockets! Finding and covering these gaps will make a huge difference to the temperature of your home. So why not try putting down a cosy rug on your floors, covering the door gaps with draught excluders or even just resealing the gaps around your windows to stop the cold getting in, and the heat getting out!

Layer up
This may seem like one of the simplest solutions, but it’s also the most effective. Throwing on a big cosy jumper and some fluffy socks will help to keep your precious body heat inside, especially if you have wooden flooring. It’s also worth keeping a cosy blanket or throw close by to cuddle up under when you stop moving around and the chill sets in.

Check what you’re entitled to
Many could be eligible for discounted or even free insulation from their energy supplier. This can save up to £160 a year on heating bills so it’s defiantly worth the investment.  There’s also a government scheme known as Cold Weather Payment which gives money towards heating costs if the temperature in your area drops below a certain level. There are conditions to this though, but you can check your eligibility on their website gov.uk


Thermal blackout curtains are a great way to keep the light out and the heat in. They’re relatively easy to get hold of, or perhaps if you’re feeling crafty you could reline your existing curtains with a thicker material such as fleece. Curtains aren’t just windows either, putting a curtain up over an external door works wonders for keeping the draught out.

Double up
Although the investment is cost-effective, not everyone can afford to upgrade to double glazing – and those in rented accommodation often don’t have a choice.  A good alternative is to attach a special clear film to your single-glazed windows which has a similar effect to double glazing without the expensive bill.

Check your radiators
When we do eventually give in and put the heating on, it’s worth making sure we make the most of it. While radiators have advanced over the years, putting a reflector panel (or even just some good quality tin foil) behind them is an effective way to ensure you’re not just paying to heat up your walls. It’s also worth assessing the layout of your home to make sure your furniture isn’t stopping your radiators from circulating the heat effectively.

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Written by Heather Maude // Posted on // Found in EasyLife, HomeLife


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