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Brexit 2017 Update

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in TopicalLife

Earlier this week, Theresa May outlined the government’s Brexit intentions.

It was the first time since the historic referendum that any certainty has been voiced surrounding the country’s stance at the negotiations table with the European Union. Here is an overview of the key points and what Brexit 2017 will start to look like.

We’re leaving the single market

A huge talking point for both sides of the debate. The single market is what allows the free movement of goods, workers, services and capital within the EU – immigration in particular was subject of much heated discussion during the referendum.

Theresa May has confirmed it is impossible for the UK to remain a member of the single market as our country would be subject to EU regulations and bound to the European Court of Justice – something Brexiteers wanted to leave.

On the hunt for a new customs union deal

The Prime Minister has confirmed our departure from the EU customs union. This means that the UK will be free to discuss trade deals with countries outside of the EU and across the world, without the need of EU approval. Theresa May also outlined her intentions in seeking a customs union agreement with the EU, the details of which are very uncertain.

Immigration at the forefront

Probably the most widely debated topic during last year’s discussions. The Prime Minister was quick to realise that this was a huge driver amongst leave voters and has pledged allegiance to that. Moving forward, the government has made it clear that there will be restrictions to EU migration.

What will happen to British expats living abroad and EU citizens currently living in the UK on the other hand is yet to be ironed out.

This isn’t overnight

The instant impact of Brexit has been argued back and forth for months. What we do know as an outcome of Theresa May’s speech is that any deal with the EU will be phased in and won’t happen simply overnight. This is so that each element of any imposed deal can be properly introduced.

The end of major EU budget contributions

Whether you were for or against, contributions to EU budget were probably near the top of your debating agendas. Whilst there are no exact figures to emerge in terms of ongoing contributions, it has been suggested that the UK will no longer be paying huge sums to the EU. The Prime Minister has confirmed that appropriate contributions will be made as part of European schemes, but as she put it, “the days of Britain making vast contributions” will end.

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Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in TopicalLife

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