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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Written by Heather Maude // Posted on // Found in EasyLife, TopicalLife

There’s nothing worse than a last-minute Halloween party invitation with nothing to wear – even worse if you’re on a tight budget. Thankfully, since becoming the ‘unofficial DIY costume holiday’ the internet is chock full of outfit ideas anyone can pull off. So, whether you’re looking for a unique and creative costume or a minimal effort outfit, we’ve pulled together some of our favourites.

Definitely one of the easiest costumes for Halloween, and a great last-minute idea. It really is as simple as tearing a few holes, adding some fake blood and a little makeup to give yourself a undead look. Best of all, you can either wear your normal clothing or ‘zombify’ a fancy dress costume you already have – think zombie doctor or zombie bride!

Sim up
Another super simple outfit is to become a part of everyone’s favourite video game! Most of us will be familiar with The Sims and instantly recognise the iconic green ‘Plumbob’. Easy to incorporate into any outfit you like, simply attach your diamond to a hat or headband and away you go! Find the full tutorial here

Umbrella bat
DIY outfit and upcycling in one! If your old umbrella has been damaged by the autumn elements, instead of just throwing it out, re-use it! The ribs of the umbrella make perfect bat wings, simply cut and re-attached to a black hoodie and add some bat ears. Find the full tutorial here

Halloween Makeup

Savvy skeleton
Halloween outfits needn’t be complex. You can make a quick, easy skeleton outfit from just a couple of old t-shirts. This instant costume only requires a plain black/white top and some scissors and could even be continued onto the bottom half with a pair of tights or leggings. Watch the video at marthastewart.com

Get creative
Who says it’s all about the outfit? If you don’t like the idea of dressing up, but you’re a dab hand with make-up (or you know someone who is) why not try out some creative face painting? Pinterest is chock full of tutorials on creating anything from grim bloody faces, day of the dead sugar skulls and even clowns!

If you’re super stuck for a costume, why not unleash your inner computer geek and become an error message? Error 404 is usually shown when a webpage can’t be displayed, so grab a marker pen and write ‘Error 404 – Costume not found’ on a plain t-shirt – job done!

Written by Heather Maude // Posted on // Found in EasyLife, TopicalLife

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