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6 travel apps to help you plan your next trip on the cheap

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in EasyLife, TravelLife

Holidays can be expensive, as any traveller knows, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be.

Thanks to the marvels of technology, the intrepid globetrotter can save a small fortune on getaways, from weekend city breaks to cross-continental excursions.

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These six free mobile apps have got your back, and by taking care of some of the money traps people can fall into when booking their holidays, will ensure you can worry about the important things, like your tan.

1. Sky Scanner

When it comes to saving money, flights should be your first port of call.

Sky Scanner searches millions of flights from hundreds of airlines, showing you all available connections from your airport of choice.
The app allows you to customise your search by budget, dates and preferred airline, allowing you to save time and money. A key feature of Sky Scanner comes in the ability to monitor flights, via email alerts, that you are interested in to see if the prices rise or fall while you are making up your mind.

2. Stayful

If you’re looking for top grade accommodation, but fancy a cheeky haggle over the price, check out Stayful.

Unlike your average hotel booking app, Stayful allows the user to input their budget and the style of accommodation they would like and pairs them up with one of 1,700 independent and boutique hotels. The app suggests a fair price based on the local market and makes an offer to the hotel on your behalf. Most hotels accept, with users saving at least 10% on their stay.

3. PackPoint

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There is nothing more infuriating than unpacking your suitcase and realising you’ve forgotten a crucial item. If the image of arriving at a beach resort without your factor 50, or heading en piste sans your ski goggles rings true, then PackPoint is the app for you.

This genius app helps you build your own custom packing list by asking you a few quick questions about your travel dates, destination and activity plans. It even checks the weather on the other end and builds your list accordingly. So, there’s no need to waste your pennies replacing items you left at home.

4. TripAdvisor

Save your money on paper guides and go straight to the internet’s biggest collection of travel reviews.

TripAdvisor is the place to go for up to date, first-hand opinions on all that your destination has to offer.

The website, and associated app boast more than 60 million members and over 170 million reviews, ranking everything from museums and walking tours to hotels and restaurants.

The app also offers offline access maps and photos for over 300 cities, so you’ll never be lost for a dinner recommendation in your budget.

5. XE Currency

Currency conversions can be a boggling business, leaving many travellers confused about how much they’re really spending for that tapas for two.

No need to attempt calculations on your fingers as XE Currency does all of the work for you. This user-friendly currency converter can answer your questions in seconds and, because it uses live currency rates, it is always accurate.

6. Free Wi-Fi Finder

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a trip abroad and finding a whopper of a phone bill waiting for you on your doormat. Data roaming can be ferociously expensive, with a few short minutes of browsing quickly racking up the pounds.

Free Wi-Fi Finder does just that; helping you track down free Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 50 countries, so that no matter how far from home you find yourself, you can always tell people “wish you were here”.

The best thing is that you don’t even need an internet connection to use it. Simply log in before you head away to download the map of the country you are visiting and ensure that you can Snapchat and Instagram away to your heart’s content on landing.

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Bon voyage!

Written by Richard Francis // Posted on // Found in EasyLife, TravelLife


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