Wedding Loans

Organising a wedding is not a simple task. It can take months of planning to book the ideal venue, find the perfect dress, arrange the catering, design the seating plan and everything else in-between. Whether you’re planning a small ceremony at a registry office or a traditional church service with the whole family, it all comes at a cost. With the average wedding in the UK now costing a staggering £30,000, it’s no wonder people are looking to fund their big day with a wedding loan.

What is a wedding loan?

A wedding loan is a type of loan that can be used to fund some or all of your wedding expenses. If you’ve already got some money saved or are receiving some help from family, a wedding loan could be used to bridge the gap between your savings and your budget. UK Credit offer loans for weddings meaning you could borrow between £3,000 to £15,000 towards the cost of your big day. Our rates are fixed and you can spread the repayments over 3-5 years, leaving you to focus on the finer details of your day.

What can a wedding loan be used for?

A wedding loan is essentially a personal loan so it can be used for any aspect of your wedding. It could be used to cover the cost of your dream wedding dress, those beautiful matching rings or to pay for the honeymoon of a lifetime – the choice is yours.

How to get a wedding loan with bad credit?

Even if you have bad credit, you could still get a loan to pay for your wedding expenses. UK Credit offers guarantor loans which are more accessible to those with a less than perfect credit history. If you’re looking to fund your wedding expenses and have the support of a homeowner guarantor, UK Credit could help make your dream wedding a reality.

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