Payment help


We’re here to help

If you’re struggling financially and are worried about making your repayments, please do get in touch. Our expert staff are on hand to help in whatever way they can. Sometimes just giving us a call and letting us know can help to prevent the situation from becoming worse. You can contact our customer care team on 01603 369 250

Payment FAQs

What should I do if I’m worried about making my next payment?

If you are struggling financially, please get in touch with us as soon as you are aware of any issues making your repayment. We understand that sometimes life does not go to plan and we will try to work with you to resolve the situation. You can contact our customer care team on 01603 369 250
You may also find the information on our Useful Resources page helpful if you require further support.

What happens if my direct debit falls on a weekend or bank holiday?

If your regular payment is due on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment will usually be taken the next working day.

Can I make overpayments?

You can make an overpayment of up to three times your contractual monthly payment without any extra charges. This payment can be made via the online loan manager or by amending your direct debit.

How can I request a settlement figure?

You can request a settlement figure via the online portal or contacting our team. The settlement figure includes early settlement interest of approximately two months’ interest and is valid for 30 days.

Can I change my payment date?

Yes, however, restrictions apply to the number of times you can change your payment date during the term of your loan. It should be noted that changing your payment date may impact the amount that you must pay back in total. Please call us if you would like to discuss changing your payment date.

How can I find out how many payments I have left?

You can find most of the details about your loan at If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

I want to make a payment but have forgotten my password.

If you are trying to make a payment and are unable to log in, please click on the forgotten my password link at Please note, it may take 24 hours for your password to reset.