Wedding loans

Planning a wedding is a hugely exciting task, but with the cost of the venue, dresses, suits, decorations, catering, travel and entertainment (and everything in-between), it can also be very, very expensive. While traditionally the bride’s parents foot the bill for the wedding, times have certainly changed, meaning now it’s typically the couple themselves funding their special day.

Personal loan for weddings

A wedding loan is a type of personal loan, designed to fund a wedding for those who find there is a gap between their budget and current savings. Some couples may require funds to cover all the costs, while others have saved enough for the majority of their plans, but just need to borrow a bit more to extend their budget.

Having access to extra funds gives couples the freedom to make their dream day a reality. Whether that’s to tie the knot in a rustic village church or arrive in style in a horse-drawn carriage (or both!) – our loans could help!

Personal loan for wedding expenses

Wedding loans can be used to fund any expenses related to the wedding, from the ring to the venue and everything in between. It could even be used to fund the honeymoon of a lifetime so you can start married life in style!

Wedding loans for bad credit

Many lenders will require applicants to have a strong credit rating to borrow from them. Those with a poor or thin credit history might be offered much higher interest rates or require the support of a guarantor. UK Credit assesses our loan applications based on the individual circumstances of the borrower, not on their credit score. We also consider all circumstances including CCJs and defaults.

Wedding finance

Financing a wedding with an unsecured loan from UK Credit could be a good alternative to a secured loan, or where you don’t have the equity in your property to remortgage. You could borrow between £3,000 and £20,000 and spread the repayments over 3 – 10 years with our fixed-rate loans. If you’ve decided that a UK Credit Wedding loan is for you, simply click the ‘apply here’ button on this page to display our loan calculator and begin your application.