What happens after my deferral


How and when will we contact you?

If you have chosen to defer your monthly contractual payments, we will try to contact you about a week before your payment deferral period ends.

We will do this, to help you set up a payment plan to ensure that your deferred payments and interest are repaid and to minimise any further interest being accrued. We will initially contact you by telephone and follow this up with an email and text. If you are unable to resume your monthly contractual payments at the end of the payment deferral period because of financial difficulties, we will work with you to resolve these difficulties and try to help you avoid further payments being missed.

What are the repayment options?

There are a number of ways you can pay us:

  1. pay a one-off lump sum payment to get your account back on schedule; or,
  2. pay monthly by paying an extra amount, each month, on top of your usual monthly contractual payment; or,
  3. continue to make your usual monthly payment amount at the end of your contractual loan term, until your balance has been cleared. If you chose this option, interest will continue to accrue on the payments you deferred for the term of the loan. This means that the amount left to repay at the end of your loan term could be significant.

How do I make a payment to UK Credit?

By telephone: please call us on 01603 369 250 to make a debit card payment.
Direct Debit: this is the most convenient method, please call 01603 369 250 to arrange this.
Customer Portal: make payment at myloan.ukcredit.co.uk
Internet Banking: you can set up a standing order using the following details via your bank
Bank – Natwest Bank Plc
Sort Code 60-15-31
Account Number 68516304
Ref *your loan account No*