Trusted, simple guarantor loans from £2,000 to £15,000

From 29.9% APR

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Trusted, simple guarantor loans from £2,000 to £15,000

From 29.9% APR

With the help of a friend or relative to guarantee your loan UK Credit could get you the cash you need.

Why choose UK Credit?

  • Great low rates from 29.9%
  • Your guarantor can be a homeowner or a tenant
  • Tenant guarantor loans of up to £6,000 available
  • We’re a direct lender, you’ll only ever deal with us
  • Poor credit, CCJ’s & Defaults always considered
  • Fixed rate interest, your payment will not change during the loan

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What is a guarantor loan?

It's simply a way of borrowing the money you need with a little help from a friend or family member


Your guarantor can be anyone who trusts you financially – a friend, partner, family member or colleague who simply acts as back up should you be unable to make your repayments. Guarantors can be either homeowners or non-homeowners/tenants – we have a loan for everyone no matter what your circumstance.
What makes guarantor loans from UK Credit even better? We’re known for our excellent customer service and we offer a variety of APRs from as low as 29.9% where the rate you get is tailored to you. To see what rate you could get, try our calculator below.

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Who are UK Credit?

Established in 2010, UK Credit is now one of the most trusted guarantor lenders in the UK


We're responsible

Our guarantor loans are assessed on affordability, to make sure your repayments are affordable. Our expert team will guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have. After all, we’re here to make your life easier.


We're direct

UK Credit is a direct lender for guarantor loans. We’re not a broker and we will never ask you for any upfront fees. Once you’ve applied for a loan through our secure application, our expert team will help to get your loan paid out as quickly as possible.


We're unique

Not only does UK Credit offer an expert and personal service, we also believe that you should also be considered regardless of whether your guarantor owns their home or not. Many lenders will not consider applicants with a tenant guarantor – we will.

You can save money with UK Credit

Our guarantor loans are flexible and tailored to you. With a representative APR of 39.9% you really can save money with us.

See how much you can save with UK Credit. You're under no obligation and it really could make a difference
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Our guarantor loans

We offer two products, whether your guarantor is a homeowner or tenant, we can help. The tables below highlight the main differences between each of our products:

My Guarantor is a Homeowner

  • Rates from as low as 29.9% (Fixed)
  • Borrow from £2,000 to £15,000
  • Your guarantor has to own their own home
  • Repayment periods of 18 – 60 months
  • Fast decision in principle
  • Unsecured loan – your home is not at risk

My Guarantor is a Tenant

  • Rates from 39.9% APR (Fixed)
  • Borrow from £2,000 to £6,000
  • Your guarantor does not need to own their home
  • Repayment periods of 18 – 60 months
  • Fast decision in principle
  • Unsecured loan – your home is not at risk
Whatever your situation, we have a guarantor loan for you.
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Any questions? Read our FAQs

We hope that you have enough information to rest assured our guarantor loans are right for you. For a little more, read our FAQs below

What is a guarantor loan?

A guarantor loan is an unsecured personal loan, with the one difference being that the borrower is ‘guaranteed’ by another person – the guarantor.

Who can be a guarantor?

  • Your proposed loan guarantor can be a relative, such as a parent or a sibling, a partner, a close friend, or a colleague.
  • They must have a fairly good credit history.
  • Must be aged between 21 and 70 at the start of the loan term and be able to afford the repayments if required.

Is my home at risk of repossession?

No, the loan is unsecured – your home is not at risk of repossession.

Will my past financial problems be an issue?

Even if you have had some problems in the past, we may be able to help.

However, if you have recently been declared bankrupt, are currently in a Debt Management Plan (DMP) or Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA), we will not be able to help you.

What happens if I can't pay?

If you are struggling financially, please get in touch with us as soon as you realise that you might be in financial trouble. We understand that sometimes life doesn’t go to plan and we will try to work with you to resolve the situation.

If the loan falls into arrears and you are unable to make up the shortfall, we will ask the guarantor to step in.

If either party can’t pay or is unwilling to pay, then we may consider legal action, but only if we have exhausted all reasonable options available.

Do you charge any upfront fees?

No, absolutely not. UK Credit will not charge you any upfront fees to apply for your loan, nor will we add any fees to your loan agreement.

If a broker has charged you a fee to apply for one of our guarantor loans, please let us know. We choose our partners and brokers carefully to ensure they share our passion for treating customers fairly. If a broker has charged you a fee to apply for one of our guarantor loans, please let us know.

Still stuck? Take a look at our full list of FAQs here.
You can even ask us a question via the form on that page or via live chat right now.

What can I use my loan for?

Our loans are generally considered by customers who've experienced problems with their credit or their finances in the past, or who simply haven't had the chance to build up a good credit history. And a UK Credit guarantor loan can be used for pretty much anything. Here are a few common uses:

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Too many debts across different lenders can be overwhelming. Our guarantor loans have helped thousands of UK Credit customers manage their repayments into one easy to manage payment.

Vehicle Finance/Repairs

Vehicle Finance/Repairs

The daily commute, the school run, the family taxi service. Our vehicles are so important in our daily lives. Like all things mechanical they have a shelf life and need constant care. Our loans can be used for repairs or even an upgrade.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement

They say 'home is where the heart is' for a reason. Our homes are so important in our lives and they can create many happy memories. But, like everything they need to be looked after. From a broken boiler to peeling paint, a guarantor loan with UK Credit is perfect for maintaining and improving your home.




We've helped many customers who have been planning their big day for years only to experience unexpected financial problems. We can help make your wedding the special day that you deserve.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

How you feel about yourself has a huge impact on your happiness and your life in general. More and more in today’s society, self-esteem can be hugely affected by physical appearance, which is why many of our customers have used a guarantor loan towards cosmetic surgery to restore their body confidence. We could help give you a fresh start.


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